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  • February, 28, 2015 SACRAMENTO COMMISSIONS $8 M. JEFF KOONS SCULPTURE  In 1934, as
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  • February, 28, 2015 Art in TV-Leonard Nimoy dies  Leonard Ni
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  • January, 17, 2015 Rubens: Was he the most important artist of all time?                            
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  • January, 16, 2015 Why are so many people paying so much money for art                            
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  • January, 16, 2015 Indonesian cave art may be world's oldest                            
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  • January, 16, 2015 10 Famous Artworks That Celebrate Father Time                            
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  • December, 22, 2014 Turning Berlin Wall into art                            
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  • December, 22, 2014 Detectives crack huge L.A. art heist; 9 paintings recovered                            
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artists in the spotlight

Martin Linss Los Angeles, USA

Dennis Frates Wilsonville, United States

Tim Pfeiffer Roanoke, Virginia

Terry Romero Paul Sherman Oaks, California

Lauren Szabo Oakland, California

Paul Pitsker Los Angeles, CA

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