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December, 2014 When I sat down to write the Publisher’s Statement for this month’s magazine, I was filled with a sense of gratitude to all the wonderful artists that have made this year so engaging and enthralling for all of us at The level of dedication to their craft is awe-inspiring, and the sheer wealth of talent gives me great hope that the world is still cultivating amazing artists whose work is something to behold. I am also grateful to all those whose sacrifice their lives in order for the freedom of expression that is vital for art to survive and flourish, and it is in that spirit that I included a feature on the wonderful work that is being performed by Wreaths Across America. I will continue to support similar organizations in the coming year so watch this space! In addition this month, we celebrate the season of giving in a traditional way with an extensive gift guide for that last minute shopping featuring some of the more unusual choices that are sure to bring a smile to anyone on your list this year. The artists that we have featured each have their own unique abilities as well. Guy Diehl as most certainly one of the finest photorealism painters working today, and Ronald David Erskine has emerged as a photographer whose thoughtful images have proven to possess universal appeal. I anticipate great work from both of these extraordinary artisans in the coming year. Lastly, Remy Haynes has used her talents in the most inspirational way possible. Selfless and dedicated, Remy’s “Currency Project” deserves to grow globally, and will surely encourage many people to rise like the Phoenix from whatever ashes that they are in due to imponderable circumstances.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year from the ArtLA Team.


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