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February, 2015 With the art festival season gaining momentum next month, we will see a plethora of prodigious artists present their wares at the much anticipated Art Basel, Hong Kong. Traditionally known as the gateway between East and West, this amazing territory stands as a fusion of all that is best in the two spheres. A British colony for 99 years until 1997, Hong Kong retains many traditional signatures, whilst also transforming itself into a creative enterprise that has artistically altered Asia in recent years. This year we will see over half the artwork coming from Asian and Asia-Pacific based artists, and promises to be the perfect mix of styles, traditions, and energy. So, this month ArtLA decided to feature a trio of tantalizing talents whose capabilities are self-evident in their artwork. The first of these three is Don Morris, an artist that has carved a unique niche for himself with his stunning, comic book constituents. Secondly, we present Thom Surman. This man’s design foundation and natural talent allows him to grace us with paintings that perfectly exemplify the tension that exists between the natural elements of wind, water, and land. Our third artist, Monica Warhol, who although her name may suggest otherwise, has had to establish herself as an individual artist with as much vigor as anyone else in this competitive arena. Additionally, we are proud to showcase an amazingly energetic interior designer whose credentials are second-to-none. Lori Dennis, one of the stars of HGTV’s The Real Designing Women, will need no introduction to most of our readers, as her passion for her craft speaks volumes about why she is so successful. She is constantly evolving and extending her creative influence with new and innovative methods to enable other designers to greatly amplify their capabilities. As if that wasn’t enough to feed upon, we also feature a brilliant organization that is helping so many young artists to blossom. The International Child Art Foundation has nurtured over five million children in over 80 different countries since its inception in 1997 with its splendid programs. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the feast of words and images that make up the February ArtLA Magazine.


Heidi Gray
Co-founder & CEO

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